Friday, June 27, 2008

Free WIFI Equals Slow WIFI

I am sitting in the Kansas City airport doing my ‘good husband’ duty of killing 2.5 hrs while I wait for my mother in law to get into town.

ANYWAY, I was relatively excited about killing time in the airport because they offer a free WIFI service. The unfortunate thing of this service is that any schmo with an iPhone or a laptop can jump on it and start downloading songs via napster. Maybe some World of Warcraft online. This means that the internet is slow. Not just normal dial up slow mind you, I am talking full on ‘I have only been able to get google to come up’ slow. Not even the airport website is available and that website I know to be hosted locally.

I was honestly hoping on getting some work done so that I could check out of work a bit early tomorrow but I do not think that I will be able to do that. The things that I need to get done I need to be able to check my email and I certainly can’t do that. The rhetorical question that I need to ask myself is if I would be willing to pay $10 to get some stuff done or if I would still have just posted a few blog postings and called it a day. Hmmmm.