Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yes, Travel is awesome

For all of my travels to crappy locations (*cough cough Michigan*), I think that this week’s travel has most certainly made up for it. This week I have been in southern California. Specially, I spent two days in the LA area and two days in San Louis Obispo. Below is a picture from my balcony at the hotel in SLO.

Not only did I get to spend time in a hot tub with a guy on my team, but I have ate better than I should, I got to run on the beach (3 miles, 8 ish pace), and I got to drive by dozens of vineyards. Although, I will say that being in pacific time is a pain in the neck. It usually means that I have to start work around 7am and not start until way afterwards. Although, I have been getting a bit of flack for all of the driving that I’ve been doing – and the time that it takes away from work. To which I always answer………”I get more done by 10 am than you get done all day”. Ha!