Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NA Beer!?

I recently got a txt from my brother in law saying that his company (he is a pilot) recently changed their policy on drinking. Previously, it was 8 hours “bottle to throttle”. That is, you could not drink within 8 hours of flying. This is probably about what it should be. That way, even a crazy drinking binge would be out of your system by the time that you were flying the plane. However, they now changed it to 12 hours bottle to throttle. This means that for all effective purposes he cannot drink any alcohol during the week while he is flying. If he has a 7:00am flight, he would have to be completely done doing anything by 7:00pm. Not exactly the ‘peak hours’ for having a good time.

The solution? Nonalcoholic Beer. That is right – nonalcoholic beer! I have to hand it to him, I am not sure that I would be willing to 1) put up with those types of restrictions and 2) be dedicated enough to actually drink NA beer. So, he most certainly gets my respect for bellying up to the bar and ordering an Odouls. I am honestly not sure that I could do it. I think that I would probably order a ginger ale and try to make it LOOK like I was drinking a gin and tonic or something.


Barry said...

Yeah, and I took two sips of that B.S. and had to send it back. I drank water with lots of lemon (something I picked up from you two) while my first officer and I bitched about our new drinking policy and how a company can trust us to fly a multi-million dollar piece of equipment with the lives of many people in our hands but we cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted to stop drinking when we need to. Bastards