Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Book Review: You’re So Money

I recently received Farnoosh Torabi’s book You’re So Money from a coworker/friend who knows the editor. The really cool thing about this was that it was an advanced copy – I read the book before it was even available for purchase! It is a personal finance book geared towards 20 something’s who have recently landed their first job and need a bit of help with all things financial.

Overall the book was a super easy and fun read. It had great concepts on budgeting, a section on the stock market by Jim Kramer, chapters on car/apartment/house purchasing, etc. Essentially all of the little and big decisions that us 20 something’s need to make on a daily basis. Farnoosh, with her very casual and funny tone, gives lots of real world examples which help to put a frame of reference around her advice. The great thing about her real examples is that they are not how she bought 500,000 shares of google and used the money to finance her own private island. Instead, they are examples of how she babysat on the weekends for extra money for an expensive pair of jeans.

I give this book 4 (out of 5) Shakespeare heads. I think that it was a really good book – even better for my little sister who I think that I may let borrow the book this summer.