Friday, May 30, 2008

Boating is the BEST

I recently was able to go boating with an ex coworker and current friend of mine. We went to Canyon Lake in the PHX area which offered beautiful views of the red rocks and foliage of the desert. We were able to not only boat, but the lake offered a chance to beach the boat and hang out on the shore for a while and have lunch etc.

I also got my first opportunity ever to knee board. It was a blast – although I did get a bit beat up. I now have scrapes on most of my toes and parts of my knees. BUT, I would totally do it again. It was actually much more fun than skiing was (if I remember water skiing).

ALSO, it did get both Tiffany and I excited to get a boat. We have always talked about getting a boat, but I think that now more than ever we are jazzed about getting one. Hopefully, here in the very near term we will be able to not only get a nice used boat, but also buy the truck/SUV that it will take to tow the stupid thing!

Here are some pictures of a different lake that he has been to – but that offers the same types of views. Also, I’ve attached a picture of the boat that we were out on.