Saturday, April 12, 2008

There goes my widsom

Not a long post here, but I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday and am recovering as good as can be expected. I did not end up getting general anesthesia which I think made all the difference. I was actually quite worried about having them out, concerns that were completely unwarranted.

I think that I haven't posted about my surgery in part because I was trying to avoid thinking about the pain and agony that I was surely going to endure. :)

PLUS, I saved a bit more than I thought on the actual cost of the operation as a result of not having an IV. Something like $60 instead of $40. So, yeehaw, going to buy a few nice bottles of wine with that savings to drown my throbbing jaw pain. The last time that I needed an IV I slightly fainted when the nurse put it in, so I am very glad that I didn't have to relive that!!