Friday, April 4, 2008

348 Miles

While sitting on a plane, somewhere between Atlanta and Kansas City, I just finished calculating the number of miles that I ran while training for the Olathe Marathon. 348 miles. Admittedly, this is quite a few less than I probably should have ran based on the training schedule that I was following. It had me scheduled to run 435 miles. I was, however, rather injury prone during this round of training. I had to take off a full 2.5 weeks during the first third of the training which probably set me back a bit.

That said, most of the training programs that I have researched have said that you shouldn’t be chained to your training schedule. So, I tried to be as flexible as I needed to be to still have some level of normalcy in my life. If I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t push it, if I had a pain in my foot or knee, I slowed down a bit. This may be why I didn’t reach my overall goal of 3.45, but it is probably one of the reasons that I was able to have any kind of life.