Monday, March 31, 2008

What the heck was that!?

During our recent trip to LA, I saw a number of things that I had never seen before. I would like to consider myself a relatively well traveled person (note: this is relative to the average person – not necessarily the group that I hang around with). Because of this, I’ve been able to see and experience all sorts of things that the United States has to offer. LA however, much like every other place that I’ve been to before, provided a few surprises along the way.

Seeing airlines that I have never seen before. Asiana? I had NEVER heard of them before. Luckily, Wikipedia to the rescue:

Watching not one or two but three full hours of TV taped while I was in the studio audience. What a blast! Probably the most interesting thing was the fact that the TV cameras really do add something like 15 lbs to everyone. Neither Jay Leno nor Dr Phil was all that heavy in real life. Here is hoping that I don’t end up all huge on TV!

Money. Money. Money. Wow, the money in Beverly Hills. Take everything that you thought about B.H. and kick it up like three notches. Bentley? Check. Rolls? Check. Ferrari? Check. $20 mil houses? Check. Man oh man oh man.

I think that the most interesting realization was the fact that I will probably not be able to ever attain the levels of wealth that these people have amassed. While it was a humbling thought, it was also liberating at the same time. I mean, this way I don't have to worry about which event to attend, which type of car to buy, how much to pay my butler - the list goes on! And, if I do win the lottery, I am sure that I will adjust just fine. I've even got my house and Bentley already picked out!!