Monday, March 10, 2008

Traveling – Non-Stopped Kegger!!!!

Umm, try again. Painting the picture currently, I am:

  • Sitting at my laptop (duh)

  • Headphones on listening to Jack Johnson

  • Purchasing the following iTunes:

  • -- Maroon 5 - Won't go Home Without You

  • -- Flo Rida - T Pain

  • Watching something really shitty on History channel (hotel doesn't get Discovery!?!?)

  • Chatting with my Mentee (I am his mentor)

  • Responding to a few work emails from people who ALSO seem to have their Outlook open

No keggers yet, but it is early. I'm sure that they'll come in due time.

On a side note, what is it with anthropologists and feeling the need to roll around in the dirt/sand? When you look at any aborigines they are always relatively clean, but when the camera pans over to the anthropologist, who likely has his Doctorate in something or other, s/he is always covered in filth! Maybe spend a bit less time digging up dirty pots and a little more time figuring out how Brainy the smurf kept his booties oh so white.