Friday, March 14, 2008


It is funny how easy it is to get back into things that you truly do enjoy. For example, it only took a normally innocuous Runners World purchase at the airport yesterday to get me totally excited to get back running. I almost completely forgot about the fact that my knee was throbbing by the time that I was finished with a light 4 mile run. I am not sure what it was about the magazine, but I am sure the article on the ultra marathon @ 100 miles helped a bit. Either way, game on – 2 weeks and counting.

On the positive side however, I did run the 4 miles at my target pace – 8:00 min miles. I am really excited that the weather is getting nice enough that I don’t have to bundle up like an idiot to go outside and enjoy the weather. Soon, I’ll be able to run w/out a shirt on and get some sun on my pasty exterior.

In fact, the runner’s magazine has actually given me some really good advice on how to increase my speed as I look towards the next 6+ months before Chicago. I’m going to try to implement some of those and see if I can’t get it figured out. I guess it’ll depend on how I race in Olathe.


Nick said...

Go get 'um buddy!