Saturday, March 22, 2008

LA here I come!

As I type this Tiffany and I are on our way to sunny Los Angeles for the first time. I’m excited for a number of things the least of which are: Not working, the warm weather, being on TV, and staying in a fun hotel.

I travel fairly extensively for work and because of that I accumulate frequent flier points. This is an excellent perk to be sure. This means that we are able to go to LA for a bit under a week for free! The only thing that we’ll need to pay for will be food and $4.00 gas.

I will say that I am looking forward to hopefully doing some swimming in the hotel pool (which is heated – yay) and taking a run around the Hollywood hills. Although, I am slightly worried that my Midwestern roots will be ever more apparent in this high style / high wealth atmosphere that is LA. Much like the Plaza in KC, I wonder if LA will make me feel “poor and ugly”. :) What I lack in looks and inherent wealth, I’m sure I make up for in witty sarcastic quips.