Monday, March 31, 2008

What the heck was that!?

During our recent trip to LA, I saw a number of things that I had never seen before. I would like to consider myself a relatively well traveled person (note: this is relative to the average person – not necessarily the group that I hang around with). Because of this, I’ve been able to see and experience all sorts of things that the United States has to offer. LA however, much like every other place that I’ve been to before, provided a few surprises along the way.

Seeing airlines that I have never seen before. Asiana? I had NEVER heard of them before. Luckily, Wikipedia to the rescue:

Watching not one or two but three full hours of TV taped while I was in the studio audience. What a blast! Probably the most interesting thing was the fact that the TV cameras really do add something like 15 lbs to everyone. Neither Jay Leno nor Dr Phil was all that heavy in real life. Here is hoping that I don’t end up all huge on TV!

Money. Money. Money. Wow, the money in Beverly Hills. Take everything that you thought about B.H. and kick it up like three notches. Bentley? Check. Rolls? Check. Ferrari? Check. $20 mil houses? Check. Man oh man oh man.

I think that the most interesting realization was the fact that I will probably not be able to ever attain the levels of wealth that these people have amassed. While it was a humbling thought, it was also liberating at the same time. I mean, this way I don't have to worry about which event to attend, which type of car to buy, how much to pay my butler - the list goes on! And, if I do win the lottery, I am sure that I will adjust just fine. I've even got my house and Bentley already picked out!!

Confucius says what??

Ok, someone HAS to say it.... enough with the quotes in the email signatures. I realize that you would like to be creative and inspirational in your own world – but these just come across as unprofessional and dumb.

Some examples during a quick 10 min search of my computer are as follows. I’ll update this list as the time goes on.

  • Aim for greatness, rather than being satisfied by simply winning.
  • The difficult can be done immediately, the impossible takes a little longer ~ US Army Corp of Engineers
  • It's not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~ Charles Darwin
  • Take a risk, take a chance, make a change.... and breakaway (K. Clarkson)
  • "If you truly want something you will find a way; if not, you will find an excuse." PW
  • Updated 4/4/08: "Use it or lose it," Democracy whispered.
  • Updated 4/8/08: Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. JFK.
  • Updated 4/21/08: The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. - Donald Kendall

Not to be outdone, some people decide to put pictures in their emails. This makes it look like they always have an important document attached. For example:


Who has two thumbs and is the ultimate prankster? *This guy*

Although, for the business card in Jello, I was the prankee - not the pranker.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


.....which is actually a bit slower than I would have liked and honestly a bit slower than I was tracking via my watch. So, I am not sure what was up with that. Either way, I finished and didn't die, and I finished faster than the marathon previous to this. Here are a few stats for my very windy Olathe Marathon run:

Overall Time: 3:48:43
Pace: 8:45 min miles
Place: 128 out of 476 (Which is top 26%)
Temperature at start: 38 degrees
Temperature at finish: 44 degrees

Freaking hilarious.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Ah yes, the bane of my existence. I watch a LOT of TV. More than any normal person should probably watch. For example, here are the shows that I usually don’t miss each week (or, I DVR them and watch them later).

CSI Miami
John and Kate plus 8
Big Brother 9 (x3 times per week)
Real Housewives of NY
The Office
Deadliest Catch

Now, those are not to mention the shows my wife watches that I usually end up ½ watching and ½ reading a book (like Desperate Housewives). Also, I didn’t put on the shows that I really like to watch but don’t have a DVR set for. Mythbusters, Modern Marvels, Dirty Jobs etc etc. The good thing with those shows is that I can pretty much always count on getting an episode of those in about anytime if I wanted.

So, by my count, I’m locked into something like 12 hours per week guaranteed. Ugg. I’ve been doing my best to weed it down to as few shows as possible, but it is so difficult. To make it worse, all of my favorite shows are starting to air new episodes.

So, I’ve decided that I am going to not take on ANY shows other than the ones mentioned above. In fact, I am fairly certain that Survivor and Big Brother may not make the cut much longer. With all of the other things that I want to have going on this summer, I’ve got far too many better things to do than to watch TV all day long. This one is going to be tough, so feel free to bonk me upside the head if you see me rushing through things to get home to catch the latest immunity challenge on Survivor.

iTunes – What I am buying now

Road to Perdition soundtrack:
  • Road to Chicago
  • Road to Perdition

I have been looking for those songs for the longest time. Steve Jobs: 1. Adam: 0.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SEVEN pairs!?

For those of you that can’t tell based on my profile picture, I am a guy. Therefore, generally speaking, I dress like a guy. My clothes are two big, I have a pair of brown shores (which need to be replaced), a pair of black shoes, running, etc etc. Total count I believe is somewhere around 10 or 11 pairs tops. My wife however has somewhere between a bo-gillion and way too many shoes.
Normally I wouldn’t even comment on this. Generally speaking, it is her money – she can do what she wants with it. BUT, when packing for our trip to Los Angeles I see the above on our floor. I believe the conversation went something like this:

Adam: What the hell are those?
Tiffany: Shoes
Adam: I can see that, are you sorting them to decide which ones to bring?
Tiffany: Oh no, those are all going.
Adam: WHAT??
Tiffany: Yeah! I need them all for different outfits.
Adam: How long are you planning on staying!? I’m only going to be there for 4 days.
Tiffany: Whatever, you just don’t understand.
Adam: I’m going to take a picture of this and send it to Nick.

Men may be from mars, but women….. are ridiculous.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Creed just may be my favorite

Oscar: Hey Pam, I’ve been meaning to say something to you. I really miss our friendship.
Pam: Haha. That’s very funny.
Stanley: I’ve never heard you talk that much. I thought it was Kelly.
Kelly: Are you kidding? I would never have done that. It was pathetic-ville. No offense Pam.
Meredith: You know what? Don’t even worry about it. Everyone was so drunk I bet no one even remembers a word you said.
Creed: I remember. I blogged the whole thing.\creedthoughts…check it out.

Ryan: Last year Creed asked me how to set up a blog. Wanting to protect the world from being exposed to Creed's brain I opened up a Word document on his computer and put an address at the top. I've read some of it. Even for the internet it's... pretty shocking.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

LA here I come!

As I type this Tiffany and I are on our way to sunny Los Angeles for the first time. I’m excited for a number of things the least of which are: Not working, the warm weather, being on TV, and staying in a fun hotel.

I travel fairly extensively for work and because of that I accumulate frequent flier points. This is an excellent perk to be sure. This means that we are able to go to LA for a bit under a week for free! The only thing that we’ll need to pay for will be food and $4.00 gas.

I will say that I am looking forward to hopefully doing some swimming in the hotel pool (which is heated – yay) and taking a run around the Hollywood hills. Although, I am slightly worried that my Midwestern roots will be ever more apparent in this high style / high wealth atmosphere that is LA. Much like the Plaza in KC, I wonder if LA will make me feel “poor and ugly”. :) What I lack in looks and inherent wealth, I’m sure I make up for in witty sarcastic quips.


Relativity is a funny thing. I think that it was Einstein that said that, “When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity”. I experienced this on Saturday when running my required 12 miles. I finished it at my target pace, (ok, a bit over at 8:15, but that does include a bit of stopping at stoplights etc) and was no worse for the wear. In fact, while running my knee didn’t even bother me one bit. So, speaking relatively, it really didn’t seem like a long run.

So, all in all, I feel that I am ready for the race. I can only imagine that the millions of people who read this are happy to hear that the race is coming up soon so that I will ramble on about something new.

Friday, March 14, 2008


It is funny how easy it is to get back into things that you truly do enjoy. For example, it only took a normally innocuous Runners World purchase at the airport yesterday to get me totally excited to get back running. I almost completely forgot about the fact that my knee was throbbing by the time that I was finished with a light 4 mile run. I am not sure what it was about the magazine, but I am sure the article on the ultra marathon @ 100 miles helped a bit. Either way, game on – 2 weeks and counting.

On the positive side however, I did run the 4 miles at my target pace – 8:00 min miles. I am really excited that the weather is getting nice enough that I don’t have to bundle up like an idiot to go outside and enjoy the weather. Soon, I’ll be able to run w/out a shirt on and get some sun on my pasty exterior.

In fact, the runner’s magazine has actually given me some really good advice on how to increase my speed as I look towards the next 6+ months before Chicago. I’m going to try to implement some of those and see if I can’t get it figured out. I guess it’ll depend on how I race in Olathe.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Traveling – Non-Stopped Kegger!!!!

Umm, try again. Painting the picture currently, I am:

  • Sitting at my laptop (duh)

  • Headphones on listening to Jack Johnson

  • Purchasing the following iTunes:

  • -- Maroon 5 - Won't go Home Without You

  • -- Flo Rida - T Pain

  • Watching something really shitty on History channel (hotel doesn't get Discovery!?!?)

  • Chatting with my Mentee (I am his mentor)

  • Responding to a few work emails from people who ALSO seem to have their Outlook open

No keggers yet, but it is early. I'm sure that they'll come in due time.

On a side note, what is it with anthropologists and feeling the need to roll around in the dirt/sand? When you look at any aborigines they are always relatively clean, but when the camera pans over to the anthropologist, who likely has his Doctorate in something or other, s/he is always covered in filth! Maybe spend a bit less time digging up dirty pots and a little more time figuring out how Brainy the smurf kept his booties oh so white.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mitch Hedberg

Every McDonald's commercial ends the same way: Prices and participation may vary. I wanna open a McDonald's and not participate in anything. I wanna be a stubborn McDonald's owner. "Cheeseburgers? Nope! We got spaghetti, and blankets."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Role Reversal

I have a good knee and a bad knee. In most cases, both knees knew their place. Bad knee’s job was to be sore after long runs, click every so often when I walk, and require extra love and affection. Well, it seems that this is something that good knee has taken a liking to as well. I think that part of the reason is due to my busted up treadmill, but I think that mostly it is just due to all of the running in general. Well, since I just put down the $75 entry fee there is no way that I am not running. Especially since my dad is coming to visit. So, I’m going to tell my body to shove it and keep on plugging through.

I am fairly certain that my body is conspiring against me. If I wake up with bruises all over not knowing how they got there, I’m going to have to do something.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Running on Empty

It is official – I am burnt out on training for the marathon. To be honest, this happened the last time that I ran one but I had the extra motivation of running in my first race that kept me going. Although, I am excited for the race and I enjoy the running, I think that I would enjoy it even more if it wasn’t such a crazy time commitment.

For example, when I am in peak training mode, I’ll run ~3 hours on the weekend and a full hour during the week. Add cool down, stretching, warm up, showers etc etc and I’m looking at most of my free time gone. Although, on the positive side, I can pretty much eat whatever the hell I want and still be worried about loosing too much weight.

So, needless to say, I am looking forward to running a normal amount. 3-4 miles, which takes me about 25 minutes, seems to be about right. Just enough to shake off the cobwebs but not enough to be sweating like a hooker on dollar night.