Thursday, February 14, 2008

Leaving the Firm

Edit: I just realized that it is probably worth stating that I don't have any plans to leave the firm for the next ~5 years. But more on that later.

I got an email this morning from one of my coworkers (and friend for that matter) in my local office saying that she is leaving the firm. I’ll have to admit that it is a little saddening that so many people that I know have been leaving. Unfortunately I think that it will only get worse as I stay longer and longer.

She left to focus more on her family. Which, I can totally understand. But it, of course, raises all sorts of questions in my head. When should I have children? How long do I want to stay at my current job? The answer to both is probably the same – or similar: Let’s hold off on making any rash decisions.

Either way, I wish my friend the best of luck. Lord only knows that she’ll need it – trading client sponsored dinners for baby wipes and applesauce.