Monday, February 25, 2008


I recently received Scott Adams’ 3rd book and have started to read it (review will be forthcoming). Due to my extremely nomadic nature, Scott’s books are great for me to read. They mostly consist of a few hundred of his 1-2 page Blog entries. The subject for these entries varies slightly, but in general they focus on his observations of the human condition.

A recent entry struck me as being so funny and true that it bears repeating:

A maintenance man was moving the thermostat today and I spoke with him about the Thermostat Wars that that had been in my comics. He said that there were 30 women in the office who could never get the temperature correct. The solution was to install 20 ‘dummy’ thermostats around the office and tell everyone that they controlled the area immediately around them. The maintenance man never had a single complaint ever again.

Pure. Genius. The moral of the story, per Scott Adams, is that people mostly complain due to the lack of preserved control. Mostly, I agree with this statement. Although, I will admit that I think that the extra X chromosome that the participants in the above had in common may have had something to do with it as well.

It has mostly been my experience that people don’t complain if they think that they can control their surroundings. Why would they? They would only be complaining about a choice that they already have made. I find it quite interesting that this does not hold true with President G W Bush. I mean, someone voted for him, yet everyone that I talk to complains about what he has done. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we are ‘stuck’ with him for four entire years. I wonder what would happen if we shortened the term to two years. Maybe then CNN would be more interesting to watch even though they play those freaking ‘head-on’ commercials incessantly.