Monday, October 29, 2007

Snow = Good; Winter = Bad

It is official - I can't wait for the first snow. That is not to say that I want WINTER. Good gracious no. In fact, if there is some way that I could get snow w/out the slush and crap, I would for certain buy two.

Traveling for Work

As a good little worker bee, I travel fairly extensively for work. That means, that I usually am away from home for +/- 2 weeks a month. For some people this would be a definite "con" of the job and for many it is - our turnover rate is something crazy like 20% annually.

Oddly though, I don't mind so long as my wife doesn't mind. *meh*

The funny thing is how wrong people are when they hear
that I travel for work. Usually people (wife included) take one or more of the
following stances. They:

  1. Can't believe that my company pays for it.

While sometimes I am surprised at what my company will pay for, I'll argue all night long from the comforts of my Marriott hotel that I am totally worth every
penny. Mmmm, club lounge cookies......

  1. Think that it is a non-stop kegger while I am away.

The people who think that it is a non-stopped kegger are totally off base. After all, we do drink jagerbombs on occasion as well.

  1. Think that I do all sorts of site seeing to various destinations.

I don't site see. After all, the only thing worthwhile in the places that I visit is this.

  1. Think that I need to visit any and all relatives within a 200 mile radius.

I am frustrated that relatives don't make an effort to come and see me. Until my great uncle Billy makes the trip to KC, he can continue to imagine from afar.

Regardless, I enjoy the work that I do - and more importantly the people that I work with. Without them, the jagerbombs just wouldn't be the same.

Friday, October 26, 2007

This is a test message

Here is where I would write about how cool and interesting I am. Afterall, who WOULDN"T want to learn about me!?!??!? :)