Thursday, December 6, 2007

435 Miles

That is right: 435 miles. That is the distance that I will run as part of my training schedule for the marathon NOT including the marathon itself. *whew*

That said, I am in week two of the training. So far it has been going pretty well. The interesting thing is that I am trying to pick up my speed. I ran the previous race with a pace of 9:07 min miles. I would LIKE to pick that up to around 8:00 min miles. We'll see how that goes - I have been able to do it for 6 miles so far, but I was pretty gassed at the end. Ironically, the issue isn't that I don't think that I can't do it, it is just that I am having a hard time getting my internal speedometer set to 8:00. I may just have to get a good treadmill after all.

Two weeks down, 16 to go!