Monday, November 5, 2007

Fries with that

Full disclosure: I worked in fast food during the summer between my Freshman and Sophomore year of college. AND, I would like to think that I was the best drive through attendant that most had ever seen! I am sure that the reality is that I got just as many orders wrong as anyone else had in that same position.

That said, during the past week I had a pretty comical conversation with the drive though (or park through?) attendant at Sonic:

Adam: I would like a #4, no tomatoes, tator tots, and could I get a diet cherry lime aid for my drink?
Attendant: Ok, so I have a #4, with fries and a diet coke?
Adam: No. I said a #4, no tomatoes, tator tots and a diet cherry lime aid.
Attendant: Ok, got it.
Adam: Are you sure?
Attendant: Your total is $6.46
Adam: Umm, hmm.

So, when my food arrived? #4, lots of tomatoes, tots, and a diet coke. Meh – no worries. I guess he must have been trying to get with one of the little waiter girls or something.