Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Book Review - Big Russ and Me

I recently (ok, it was a while ago, but I have been busy) read Tim Russert’s book: Big Russ and Me. It is essentially an autobiography with emphasis on how is father helped to shape his life.

The book follows Tim through his childhood as a catholic schoolboy. His father worked two jobs with the sanitation department to make sure that his children had everything they needed. This is something that I can relate to: fathers working hard to make sure that all is right with the family. It also follows Tim’s rise to the top of the Washington political scene with the help of his dad – always telling him to ‘keep it simple’.

Overall I liked this book a lot. For some reason I am somewhat of a voyeur, with interests in all things reality, and therefore really enjoyed the personal touches that Tim put on all of his stories. I think that we could probably all use a bit of our father’s advice in our lives. Probably not verbatim advice mind you – but taking the overall intent and applying it to our everyday lives.

I gave this book three out of five Shakespeare heads.