Monday, July 20, 1981

Mere Mortals

I seem to gravitate towards larger races with lots of participants.  One of the things that these large races have started to do is have running celebrities in attendance - it's really fun.  You can chat them up, get tips on training, and try to rub up on them to gain some speed via osmosis.

Anyway, here are a few of the notables that I've been able to meet over the years.

Bart Yasso and I (I was recently told this should be "and me", but Me'm not changing it) along with Laura at the NYC marathon, Nov 2103

Jeff Galloway and I at the Missoula Marathon! Took this pic after running 10 seconds, walking 3 seconds, and running 10 seconds to grab him

Andrew Lemoncello - Olympic steeplechaser at Boston 2013
Would have made the Brit Marathon team in 2012 if not for injury

Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan  at Boston 2013
Probably the two fastest USA female marathoners right now
Trust me, they think I'm hilarious - totally not for "show"

A very pregnant Lauren Fleshman and I at Boston 2013. (mostly a 5000m runner)
She was SUPER nice and has her own energy bar line - Picky Bars

Adam Goucher and I  at Boston 2013.
Also, I've heard he is/was a pretty good 5000m runner in his day

Editor in Chief of Runner's World: David Willey!  
As you can tell from the picture below, Dave sort of looks like Captain America.
Dave and I.  He even smelled good. 
Smelled like a mixture of sawdust, tender touches, and oh my god I miss him so much

Bart Yasso and I at the St George Marathon expo - Oct 2012

Josh Cox and I (Rock and Roll Providence August 2012)

Trisha Miller, 2012 RnR AZ winner

Alan Culpepper and I (RnR AZ Course Announcement 09.29.11)

2011 Boston Marathon Runner Up Desi Davila and I (6/3/11 - San Diego Marathon Expo)

London Marathon winner Dick Beardsley and I 
(Oklahoma City Marathon Expo - 5/1/2011)

4 time Boston marathon winner and 4 time NYC marathon winner Bill Rodgers and I 
(Oklahoma City Marathon Expo - 5/1/2011)

Olympic Silver Medalist and NYC Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi and I (RnR AZ Expo - 1/16/2011)

Olympic Silver Medalist and NYC Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi and I  (again)
(RnR Seattle Expo - 6/26/2010)

Ryan Hall and I (RnR AZ 1/17/2010)

Hal Higdon and I (Twin Cities Marathon Expo)

Sunday, July 19, 1981

Favorite posts

Here are a few of my all time favorite blog posts in reverse chronological order. Some are about racing / running, others are about life or travel. Unfortunately, none are about butterscotch ripple - yet.

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Race History

My PRs:
1M: 4:59 (June 2012)
5K: 17:59 (March 2012)
10K: 36:47 (Thanksgiving 2012)
Half Marathon: 1:24:19 (Jan 2014)
Marathon: 3:04:00 (April 2012)

Races that I've either done or am signed up for:

1/19: Rock and Roll AZ Half Marathon - Race Report (1:24:19)
4/27: New Jersey Marathon - Race Report (3:30:36)
10/12: Susan G Komen 1 mile - Race Report (FUN RUN!)
10/19: Detroit Marathon - Race Report (3:26:45)
11/27: Mesa Turkey Trot 10K - Race Report (39:05)
12/14: Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon - Race Report (1:27:32)

1/1: New Years Double Half Marathon - Race Report (1:36:03)
1/20: Rock and Roll Arizona Half Marathon - Race Report (2:14:29)
4/15: Boston Marathon - Race Report (3:33:18)
4/20: Pat Tilman 4.2mi run - Race Report (36:25)
7/14: Missoula Marathon - Race Report (3:19:07)
9/28: Grasshopper Bridge 5K - Race Report (20:28)
11/4: NYC Marathon - Race Report (3:53:11)
11/28: Mi Amigo Turkey Trot - Race Report (42:22)
12/15: Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon - Race Report (1:40:11)

1/15: RnR AZ Marathon - Race Report (3:30:55)
1/28: Freeze Your Thorns Off - Race Report (Walked)
3/10: Nun Run 5K - Race Report (17:59)
4/21: Pat Tillman 4.2 Mile - Race Report (Walked)
4/29: Eugene Marathon - Race Report (3:04:00)
5/12: Jeff 1 mile fun run - Race Report (Walked)
6/17: Adam's Open Mile - Race Report (4:59)
8/19: Rock and Roll Providence Half Marathon - Race Report (2:14:33)
10/5: St George Marathon - Race Report (3:07:29)
11/22: Mesa 10K Turkey Trot - Race Report (36:47)
12/16: Shiner Beer Half Marathon - Race Report (1:30:17)
12/31: New Years Double Half Marathon Eve - Race Report (1:28:12)

1/8: Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K - Race Report  (18:32)
2/20: Lost Dutchman 1/2 Marathon Race Report (1:29:17)
4/6: Move your PHI’t 5K Race Report (Fun Run)
4/17: Pat Tillman 4.2 Mile Race Report (Fun Run)
5/1: Oklahoma City Marathon Race Report (3:34:25)
5/28: Arizona Road Racers Summer Series 5K #1 - Race Report (44:01)
6/5: Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon Race Report (2:34:26)
6/11: Marathon to Marathon - Race Report (3:32:21)
6/25: Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K - Race Report (20:00? - was the Race Director)
7/4: Arizona Road Racers Summer Series 4 Miler #3 - Race Report (24:58)
7/16: Arizona Road Racers Summer Series 5K #4 - No Race Report (43:18)
9/11: ARR I did a green run 10K - Race Report (1:26:26)
11/5: Rock and Roll Savannah Marathon - Race Report (3:19:40)

1/17: Rock and Roll Arizona - Race Report (3:44:34)
2/28: Rock and Roll Mardi Gras - Race Report (3:25:30)
4/17: Pat Tillman 4.2 Memorial Run - Race Report (1:09:14)
4/30: Tempe, AZ Arbor Day 5K - Race Report (21:35**)
6/26: RnR Seattle Marathon - Race Report (3:43:54)
7/31: Sweat Your Thorns off 5K - Race Report (19:42)
8/7: That Dam Skunk 8K - Race Report (33:45)
8/27: Higley High 5K - Race Report (28:33)
9;12: Sept 11 Memorial 5K - Race Report (18:50)
10/17: Rock and Roll Denver Marathon - Race Report (3:23:53)
10/24: Rock and Roll LA Half Marathon - Race Report (1:39:16)
11/14: RnR San Antonio Marathon - Race Report (3:35:32)
11/27: Mi Amigo Turkey Trot - Race Report (39:44)
12/24: Adam's Open Mile - Race Report (5:22)

3/28: Olathe 5K (36:37)
4/5: Hogeye Marathon - Race Report (3:44:12)
5/9: Fargo, ND Marathon - Race Report 1 and Race Report 2 (3:29:29)
6/7: Run for Vania 5K RaceReport (19:56)
11/26: Mesa Mi Amigo 10K - Race Report (1:24:01)

3/29: Olathe Marathon - Race Report (3:48:43)
10/12: Chicago Marathon - Race Report 1 & Race Report 2 (4:05:49)
11/27: Mesa Mi Amigo Turkey Trot - Race Report (45:45)

10/20: Kansas City Marathon (3:59:13)

**Course was long

About Me

I am boring. No, really. If you don’t believe me, check out my 100 things post. If that isn’t a bowl full of boring, I don’t know what is.

My name is Adam and I am a part time blogger, most of the time runner,  whose only goal is to stay in shape to keep up with my toddler son, is maybe slightly addicted to social media and good (enough) wine, works way too many hours to earn money for race entries, all the while having a third life crisis and praying that my hair doesn't fall out. I grew up on a small farm in northwest Iowa. I went to Iowa State for computer science and have been working hard for the money ever since.

Note my blog URL is adamrisu. That stands for Adam (my name) R (my last initial) ISU (Iowa State Univ). Confusing, yes. Will I ever change it? Maybe – I’m REALLY lazy.

I originally started this blog when one of my best friends, Nick, mentioned that he was going to start one as well. Since I am never one to come up with independent thoughts, I decided during an overnight telephony server migration (did I mention I’m a dork too?) that I’d start one up - lest the digital revolution pass me by. That was October 26th of 2007. The blog started out to be a collection of my thoughts on being a traveling management consultant, but it has morphed into what it is today:

So, as you can see, when I am not getting my butterscotch ripple drink on, I’m running. I started running in 2007 after my FIRST physical at age 25 said that I had high blood pressure. Bummer. Sense I like to dive in head first, I shortly there after started training for my first marathon and never looked back. In fact, my first ever road race was the Kansas City Marathon in 2007. 5 marathons later, I’m still chugging away – if not without some struggles to make things interesting.

So, that is it. Huh, I thought that it would take me longer to give my life’s story. I suppose that my True Hollywood Story will probably need to be shared with someone else who is a little more interesting – maybe Madonna. So, to pad this page a bit more and put in some filler, I leave you with this:

Remember, the funny thing about life is that if you worry too much about the destination, you will miss the journey. Remember, we all end up in the same place….Unless you are cremated, then you end up on the mantle in a Folgers coffee can.