Sunday, July 19, 1981

Favorite posts

Here are a few of my all time favorite blog posts in reverse chronological order. Some are about racing / running, others are about life or travel. Unfortunately, none are about butterscotch ripple - yet.

Motivational / Inspirational

My Boston Qualifying Marathon Race Report
Be Better Than YOU Were Yesterday
Qualifying for the Boston Marathon
Get your ass moving anyway - GYAMA

My first long bike ride.
Stress fractures SUCK.
The Fargo marathon in two parts. My most perfectly executed race to date.
The Chicago Marathon - my worst race experience by far.
Why I run


Trying to Take Kid Pictures
The Birth Of My Son


Bad Runner Fashion

ABCs about ME!!
Running is HARD - For Everyone
Hard CORE club
Bikram Yoga
My review of Fitness Magazine - in pictures
Thinking about swimming and then actually swimming
My first experience with a heart rate monitor.

My 1000th post

My first ever group run.
Enjoying the fruits of a cross country move.
My thoughts on living in hotelss.
Thinking about what to do during a MANcation that I had and the aftermath of the MANcation.

100 Things about me. Try it. It is a lot harder than it seems.
The entire Husband Manual 101 series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
My first summary of traveling nearly full time for work. It isn't a non stopped kegger afterall.


danny said...

Do you know this post (and three others) are listed in your archives as from 1981? Very interesting. I too was tempted to do some funny business with the "scheduled post" feature, but you beat me to it (it seems).

Tricia said...

WHAT is wrong with you?! I came looking for the christmas card post. Where did you put it?

Tricia said...

Bwahahaha! Sucks to be you, because I FOUND it :)